Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Indie Game Reviews

Hello to all Indie Game Developers,

As a Indie developer myself, I've been facing a problem that I think most of you are facing as well. The problem is PROMOTING you game. For those out there, that doesn't have a high budget to spend with promoting like me, it becomes really difficult to promote your game.

Most of the review sites doesn't promote casual or simple games. They mostly look for more elaborated games to do their reviews. I can't blame them, its more profitable doing this way. But what about those nice simple games out there. Puzzle games, gems games and etc. Who is going to review them and give a chance for their developers to survive in this wide market?

That is why I had the idea to create this blog. I will try to do at least to reviews every week. Mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays  I'll do it as best as I can, and as professional as I can.

Here are the concepts I will be reviewing.

     - Graphics
     - Sound Effects and Music
     - Game Play
     - Advertisement
     - Replay Value

For advertisement I will check how advertisement interferes in the game. As you all know, too much advertisement can annoy the player.

The reviews will have a range from 0 to 10 for each item, and in the end I will give my personal opinion about the game. Its important to remember that I'm not here to give high reviews to everyone. Like I said before, I will be as professional as I can.

Another important thing, that you all should keep in mind. This will be for free, I have no intention to charge anyone for reviews, neither you will see any advertisement in the blog. But this blog will only be useful if people know about it. And that will be your (Indie Game Developers) job. Help spread the word about this blog and we will benefit from it.

In the bottom of the blog there is an email if you want to submit your game to review. Remember to send the link to your game in Play Store, as well any image (JPEG or PNG) you want it to be in my review. A link to a YouTube video would be useful as well.

Any comment will be submitted to review, so please, wait until I can review it.

And to finish this post, I need to ask you all to forgive me for any errors in the writing. My English is not perfect but I'm trying my best.

Hope we can all take some advantage from this work.



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